Work/Life Balance

Restore Your Equilibrium

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to feel like we’re always on, perpetually connected to our devices and apps. The pressure to respond instantly, the constant quest for dopamine hits from notifications, and the expectation of being perpetually available have become the norm. The demands of the modern digital age can be overwhelming, often blurring the lines between our professional and personal lives.

At Futsi therapy, we understand the challenges of living in this fast-paced world. We’ve partnered with Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and, as a result, have had the privilege of working with many individuals in the tech industry and the legal field. We recognize the unrealistic demands, the threat of burnout, and the glamorization of overworking that are often associated with these professions.

While we specialize in supporting tech professionals and attorneys, it’s essential to note that we don’t work exclusively with them. Our doors are open to everyone seeking to find work/life balance and well-being.

The rapid pace, intense competition, and relentless pressure in these fields can lead to chronic toxic stress that takes a toll on your overall well-being. Our holistic trauma therapy practice understands your unique challenges and is here to help you find balance, reduce the effects of toxic stress, and regain a fulfilling life.

Chronic Toxic Stress: A Silent Intruder

Chronic toxic stress can silently infiltrate your life, affecting not only your mental and emotional well-being but also your physical health. It’s not just about being stressed; it’s about the impact this stress has on your nervous system, relationships, and your ability to be present in your life. This form of stress can negatively impact the nervous system, leaving you in a state of perpetual fight, flight, or freeze.

As trauma therapists specializing in somatic modalities, we recognize the toll this stress can take. It may manifest in anxiety, panic, depression, emotional dysregulation, burnout, and even contribute to physical health issues. The pressure can be overwhelming, affecting your ability to focus, engage, and find balance in your life.

Supporting Professionals

We understand the unique challenges faced by professionals from various fields, including tech professionals, attorneys, educators, therapists, creatives, and more. In today’s fast-paced world, even those dedicated to helping others, nurturing young minds, or expressing their creativity often find themselves overwhelmed by the constant demands of their careers and the pressure to excel.

Supporting Attorneys

For attorneys, the journey to success can be exhilarating, but it can also bring a considerable amount of stress and anxiety. The competitive nature of the field, the challenges of litigation, the relentless pursuit of billable hours, and the pressure to excel can take a toll on well-being and personal life. We understand the specific challenges you face and offer tailored support to help you find balance in your professional and personal life.

Understanding Anxious High Achievers

Many of our clients are anxious high achievers. These are individuals who excel in their careers but often find themselves grappling with excessive stress and anxiety. They strive for perfection, pushing themselves beyond their limits and sacrificing their well-being in the process. Some common traits of anxious high achievers include:

  • Perfectionism: Anxious high achievers relentlessly chase perfection, setting unrealistically high standards for themselves. The constant drive to excel can lead to chronic stress and a never-ending sense of never being “good enough.”
  • Overcommitment: They often take on more than they can handle, resulting in chronic overwhelm and burnout. The pressure to meet all obligations can be crushing.
  • Hyper-Awareness: Anxious high achievers maintain a heightened awareness of their own performance, which can lead to self-criticism and self-doubt. They are acutely attuned to their own shortcomings and may fear judgment from others.
  • Work-Life Imbalance: The demands of their careers often overshadow personal life, causing an imbalance between work and well-being.
  • Constant Connection: The modern world, with its always-on connectivity and demands for immediate responses, further exacerbates their stress. The relentless pursuit of career success can leave little room for relaxation, joy, and self-care.

Our Approach: Balancing Excellence with Well-Being

We recognize the delicate balance between professional excellence and personal well-being. Our trauma therapy practice specializes in somatic and other modalities that address the effects of chronic stress on the nervous system. We aim to guide anxious high achievers towards a state of relaxation, resilience, and emotional regulation.

Through our holistic approach, you can:

  • Regain Balance: We help you find equilibrium in your life, allowing you to excel in your career while still having time for personal growth, relaxation, and self-care.
  • Reduce Chronic Toxic Stress: Our somatic modalities target the effects of chronic toxic stress on your nervous system, guiding you toward relaxation, resilience, and emotional regulation.
  • Enhance Relationships: Toxic stress can strain your relationships. We provide tools to improve communication, connection, and intimacy with loved ones.
  • Boost Well-Being: By addressing the negative effects of toxic stress, we enable you to embrace a fulfilling and balanced life that aligns with your values.

Our approach combines evidence-based somatic modalities with a deep understanding of the unique challenges you face. We recognize that your work often requires a high level of precision and dedication, but we also understand that this commitment should not come at the cost of your well-being.

Remember, while we have experience working with tech professionals and attorneys, our approach is designed to benefit anyone looking to find their own path to work/life balance. Contact us today to begin your transformative journey towards a balanced, thriving life.

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