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Grief & Loss

Grief, a complex and pervasive emotion, often illuminates other areas of pain within us. It allows us to grieve not only tangible losses but also the absence of what we needed but did not receive.

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life transitions

Life Transitions

At Futsi Therapy, we understand that every individual’s path is unique, and we’re here to provide compassionate support as you navigate the various transitions that life brings.

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Relationship Issues

Our unique trauma-focused approach to relationship therapy is about more than just techniques; it’s about understanding your story, your struggles, and your aspirations for your relationships.

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self growth


We recognize that low self-esteem, people-pleasing tendencies, overworking, depression, anxiety, and other core wounds often stem from distinct parts of your inner world.

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work/life balance

Work/Life Balance

We recognize that your work often requires a high level of precision and dedication, but we also understand that this commitment should not come at the cost of your well-being.

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Anxiety isn’t a uniform experience. Each person’s brain and body have their own unique blueprint or makeup, which means that two individuals won’t experience anxiety in the same way.

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Depression is a complex and multifaceted experience that doesn’t conform to a rigid mold. Your mind and body have their own unique characteristics, and we invite you to embrace your individuality.

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As psychotherapists with expertise, lived experience in trauma, and a passion for healing, we are here to guide you through the transformative process of addressing and healing various types of trauma.

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Uncover your strength and potential with our personalized, holistic care. Our online practice offers a supportive space for transformation, empowering you to overcome life’s challenges with resilience.


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